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Avid Pro Tools HD 10.3.2 Windows (Patch-V.R)

One problem in Pro Tools

* Auto-break section has not been added unnecessarily while clip editing and Follow-Up Activation has been enabled. (PTSW-173028)

* The automatic sound cover that is handled by the Silent Belt command remains the same. (PTSW-170804)

* Large files exported to Interplay will not be excluded. (PTSW-154522)

* Web service address / IP address is now remembered among Send to Google Play exports. (PTSW-172334)

* The Capture Selection feature in Beat Detection now takes the correct decay time according to the resolution of the selected note instead of the actual time zone. (PTSW-172978)

One problem in Pro Tools

* Unwanted data is no longer added to the end of the record under certain circumstances. (PTSW-170032)

* On ProX Tools system, episodes now have no unwanted noise in a particular combination configuration. (PTSW-166529)

* When expanded to the sample rate, the wave format in which the clip started on the screen is now interestingly accurate (instead of the late sample). (PTSW-162497)

* If you now press the Edit button automatically, the current option will be updated to display the status of the new button. (PTSW-170044)

* The part of the automatic break outside the selected setting location that corresponds to the value of the automatically marked boundary (excess exit) does not change at the time of pasting. (PTSW-171725)

* AudioSuite editing and All File parameters no longer provide unwanted changes to audio data or cause Pro Tool to stop unexpectedly. (PTSW-170456, PTSW-170920)

* In dynamic shipping mode with Affiliate Time Schedule and Edited Edit Options, the play title no longer changes the start of the selection. (PTSW-172367)

Pro HD 10 10 System Requirements

Windows System

* Computers: Avid Compatible Windows Computers (see info)

* System software (32 or 64 bit) Windows 7 Home Premium, Expert or Final Version and Windows 7 Service Pack 1

* Total RAM system: minimum 4 GB, recommended 8 GB (or more)

Additional Requirements

* Tools Pro | HD audio connection (required) and peripheral devices (see details)

* Requirements for audio channels: one or more disks for audio recordings and playback equipment (see details)

* System Disk: Minimum 15 GB of free disk space required for Pro Tools installation

* Photo Cards: Special photo cards are highly recommended (see details)

* Video features (see details)

* Avid Shared Storage and Interaction (see details)

Pro Tools Software Options

* Video satellite and Media Composer (see details)

* Machine control (see details)

* Satellite link (see details)

* LE satellite video (see info)


* Joint Media Installation (see details)

* Mac shared device information (see details)

Driver update

* Download and install the latest drivers for your devices.

Languages: English (United States), French, German, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Spanish.

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