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Property Management

We at Rendition Properties Limited are pleased to offer you the following services:-

Tenancy Selection

Choosing the right tenant for your property is essential so we take every conceivable step to ensure the best possible tenant is selected. This involves checking that they are prompt payers of their bills, they are who they claim to be, have the means to pay the rent and have not been in trouble with previous landlords. After all, it is easier to put a good tenant in than to get a bad tenant out.

Maintaining Terms of Lease

We see to it that both the landlord and the tenant observe terms and conditions of the lease to ensure that good relationship exists between the two parties.

Handling Lease Renewals

We advise the landlord as to the current market rentals and general letting policy, and on their behalf, instruct the lawyers to prepare lease renewals, the cost of which are payable by the tenants. We follow up tenants to ensure leases are executed and when leases are being drawn, we ensure that they do not create protected tenancies.


Tenants need to be easily able to find your property listing so we use every method open to us to advertise our properties. This includes:

  1. Our own website and Social Media,, Twitter, @rendition_ltd, Facebook;@renditionproperties, Instagram @rendition_properties_ltd
  2. The country’s largest real estate site
  3. Signage on available properties
  4. Placing posters in nearby notice boards


We believe good communication is critical to a good relationship with our property owners so we keep you fully informed at all times about your property. You are also able to access your file held in our offices or request documents be sent to you through your email.

Rent review

Whenever a tenant leaves a property, we consider a rent review. This ensures you are always receiving the best possible return on your investment. In the case of a long-term rental, we undertake rent reviews annually, and if the market allows, we recommend an increase.

Tenant induction

When a tenant first signs up to rent a property, we give them a thorough induction. They learn everything they need to know about the property, but are also fully informed about what is expected of them. We explain our zero tolerance policy to rent arrears and also our pet and no smoking policies. We find that this induction procedure clears up any potential misunderstandings and resolves early any possible problems.

Rent collection

We have a zero tolerance policy to rent arrears and check payments daily. Should we find a tenant has failed to make a payment on time we take immediate action. If a tenant does not rectify the situation we take steps towards having them evicted. Rental monies are disbursed to owners as per the agreement.

Property inspections

Your property needs to be kept in top condition at all times so we undertake regular property inspections. This entails one of our staff visiting the property and checking its current state against the information we hold. Any anomalies are addressed immediately. Using the most up-to-date technology available, we are able to provide owners with a fully comprehensive report, to keep them appraised of the condition of their property.

Payment of Land rates, insurance and Rental Taxes

We track land rates and insurances and pay them when they fall due and furnish the landlord with the receipts. We also file the monthly rental taxes if this is agreed with the landlord.

Maintenance & repair service

We insist on prompt attention being paid to maintenance issues and repairs, and have a group of trusted contractors we work with that offer us highly favourable rates. Fixing problems quickly ensures no escalation of the problem which saves money in the long run. As part of our agreement with you, we autonomously undertake repairs and maintenance work up to a set value.

Preparation of Statements of Account

We do prepare statements of account and disbursements on behalf of the landlord on a monthly basis. These statements contain among others, rent collected and the expenses incurred during the month. Supporting vouchers and invoices for the expenses are provided to the landlord for verification.

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