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Easily create programs with this free Scratch 2 Offline Editor training software or simply with Scratch 2, a free tutorial that makes it easy to code and develop your software. Scratch 2 Offline Editor is a project of the MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten Group, designed for anyone new to programming, teaching, and training, with their simple coding blocks to program their interactive stories, games, and animations. The beginning.

Program Development in EasyScratch 2 is a programming language and web community. You can create your own interactive programs and share them with others so that anyone interested can learn more. The application was developed for children aged 8 to 16 years. However, anyone can use it for any purpose and there is a simplified ScratchJr for children aged 5 to 7 years. This program is completely free and you can make a donation to support it. Without opening an account, you can read other users’ projects, read comments and forums, and create your own projects.

(function () {(‘overview-application-page-desktop’);}); It is not just for students, as parents, educators and developers are encouraged to join in the fun. The special feature of the app is that it works in most browsers, so you can easily share your projects. The code of all shared projects is seen by curious users, thus learning complex but cool coding. To encourage creativity, you can even copy projects, modify them, and make changes yourself. This is good as long as you credit it. If you don’t want others to copy your work, you can easily avoid sharing it with the community. Another option is to use Scratch 2 Offline Editor, a native desktop application that allows you to create Scratch projects offline. It can be downloaded for free from the official website. It’s great if you just want to practice coding without interacting with the community. However, Adobe AIR is also required for installation on your system. Fortunately, the website also has a link for the browser version. Scratch 2 works in the same way as its web counterpart. Instead of lines of code, you must enter like any other programming language. This software provides graphical blocks and their functions as codes. All you have to do is drag them to the workspace to drag the application and click to run the command. The preview page displays the item or spread you’ve created, if it’s for you. All blocks can be connected and rearranged like a puzzle. To facilitate the creation of complex programs, all blocks are color-coded according to function, e.g. B. Blue for movement commands and purple for voice commands. You can also change their duration and special fields. In addition to the Codes tab, the Costumes and Sounds tabs are also available. A simple graphics editor appears on the Costumes tab, allowing you to edit the visual side of your project. The Sounds tab works the same way. However, there are some slight differences between the two versions when it comes to simple sound. The File menu offers several options, such as: B. Check for updates. You can share your work by uploading it to your Scratch account, although you’ll still need to share it manually. The Tips menu also appears in full-screen mode in the offline editor. However, cloud variables are not available. However, you can still use the app offline without an accountlike the web. In general, Scratch 2 Offline Editor is very handy when you’re not connected while you’re working. It works seamlessly with the web version, so you can edit your projects at any time. Unfortunately, you need to install another program to get the app, and you can’t communicate directly with the community through the PC version because you can’t sign in.