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Windows 10 20H2 AIO + Office 365 x64 pt-BR Setembro 2020

(ISO KIT with changes)

Windows 10 20H2 AIO 23/09/2020


Win10 Home – Office 365

Win10 Pro – Office 365

The monolingual home version of Win10 is Office 365

Education Win10 – Office 365

Win10 Pro Education – Office 365

Workstation Win10 Pro – Office 365

Win10 Enterprise – Office 365


Mesh frame

MS Dart 10

Office 365 Pro Plus

Office teams

Update – 23 SET 2020

OBS: To uninstall Office Teams, it is difficult to control and uninstall the program

Create Windows:

Construction office:

Tamagno: GB

Photo: Glayson Lima

Architecture: x64

Expression: portugus-BR

BIOS: UEFI / Legacy

form: ISO / ESD

Md5: 6A12A9EF9E74F1201E2E0F305E4FF111

Author: Gleason Lima

Windows 10 20H2 Ultra Lite X.



Architecture: x64

Idiom: pt-BR (native)

BIOS: UEFI / Legacy

form: ISO / ESD

MD5: 7D0556FA2F701C6E6D53A6EFD99BC27F

========= REMOVIDO ======

teclados on the body and touch



Cortana-Pesquiz function



Phone protection

Microsoft Edge

Metro applications

Onedrive – Mas Poderar Ser Reinstalando Novamente

Магазин Microsoft – Instalador est Na rea ​​De Trabalho. OBS: Sign in with your Microsoft account to function properly

===== DESATIVADO ====

Central de aes DESATIVADO

No animation Windows DESATIVADO

Shadows in janes and course DESADIVED

OBS: Installed Automatica De Driver Functioning, aps A Installed Dos Driver Desative About Windows Update.

|| Aps terminar a instalao reinicie system ||

==== INTEGRADED =====


Classic calculator


Classic image viewer

Microsoft Edge Chromium Installer is a Windows Search

Магазин Microsoft – Instalador est Na rea ​​De Trabalho

==== Home system Home page ====

Edio de Documentos has no office

Video and audio playback

Go to the Internet

Software for the Microsoft Store for Funcionar

Some games do not work

Microsoft Store.

From Gleason Lima